I design knitting and crochet patterns with you, the maker, in mind. I cut out all the excess to create simple, easy to follow designs. I'm sure we've all had a negative pattern experience or two. You know, the kind of patterns that leave you with more questions than answers and by the end of it you're about to just give up altogether. It can be so frustrating, especially when you've spent money to get it. A pattern should be stress-free and fun to work up and that's why I aim to create patterns that are exactly that.


Miskunn got our attention with her gorgeous, minimal aesthetic, but we stuck around for her consistent crafting talents!

KOEL Magazine

Every time I had a question/problem coming up in my crochet, she was responding super fast with the best advice/solutions explained in a very simple way.


Finished this lovely cowl using the Lily Cowl 2.0 pattern by Miskunn! Nicole's instructions were very easy to follow and this cowl grew quickly!


Love!!! Your work is beautiful, Nicole! I'm over here constantly in awe!


To say I'm happy with this new (Diamond Cowl) pattern I found would be an understatement!


We absolutely love the detailing of this beautiful (Chevron) scarf by Miskunn.

MillaMia Yarn

One of my favorite projects I have done! Pattern by miskunn, Bobble Pillow!


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